About Ansie Cloete


  • Registered Psychologist with The Psychology Board of Australia
  • Member of the APS (Australian Psychological Society)
  • Department of Human Services, Medicare Provider # 4371743W


  • B.A. Honours (Psychology)
  • (Five years' full time university study – 4 years at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and one year at ECU in Perth, Western Australia)
  • Supervised Practice as per AHPRA requirements to practice in Australia
  • Diploma in Professional Counselling  (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors)
  • Cert. IV - Training, Assessment & Education (TAE)
  • Completed the APS Practice Certificate in Working with Older Adults


During her career of more than 30 years, Ansie gained international experience within the field of psychology. Throughout her career she has worked with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, across disciplines and industries, on all organisational levels and from all walks of life.

Ansie started her career as an Assistant Psychologist with the South African Defence Force (Military Intelligence) where she held the rank of Lieutenant. Thereafter she pursued a career in Human Resources. She established a successful business, HR Perspective, in South Africa where she specialised in the development and presentation of management learning and development programs as well as psychometric assessments for recruitment, selection, career/vocational guidance, restructuring, team building and personal/executive development purposes.

Ansie emigrated with her family from South Africa to Perth, Western Australia in 2001. As a proud Australian citizen she appreciates the opportunity to add value by sharing her knowledge and experience in the local community. Since her arrival in Perth, she first established a private counselling practice in 2003. Apart from her studies and counselling work, she also worked on a contract basis as a senior recruitment consultant in the mining and resources industry. She is passionate about the development of individuals' full potential. As a result, she has developed and presented workshops such as: Immigration in Perspective (presented to South African migrants), Companionship in Perspective (a marital enrichment workshop); Know Yourself - Know Your Partner; and a Telephone Counselling Training Course, presented at Sonshine FM for Care Line Volunteers. She was also employed on a part-time basis as a Lecturer and Assessor at the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC). She obtained full registration as a psychologist with The Psychology Board of Australia and has been the sole practitioner at her private practice in Joondalup since 2011.

As a migrant, "mature" daughter of elderly parents who stayed behind in South Africa and have now both sadly passed away; a sister; wife; mother; grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren; an employee and sub-contractor at some stage; previous "mature aged student"; and friend she gained valuable life experience, allowing her to relate to a wide range of concerns presented by her clients. Being bilingual, she offers services to clients in both English and Afrikaans.

Her life theme is: "To be a burning candle in God's hand, igniting the candles of those whose flames have been dimmed in an often challenging modern society."